Retail Billboards
Front and Center
Our retail billboard program puts your ad front and center in front of thousands of eyes every single day. Our clients are featured on the top of the free publication racks in many top retailers across the country.
The free publication racks are located in high traffic areas in the stores. People will see you not only when they stop by to grab one of the many publications available, but also just walking in and out of the store.

With Kabango Media's retail billboards, there is only space available for ONE business per location. Not only do you block your competition in the store, you block out EVERYONE and become the EXCLUSIVE business featured on the free publication rack!
In today's world we are bombarded daily with hundreds of advertisements. This why repetition is vital. By putting your message in the grocery store, not only are you reaching the people who live within 5 miles of that store, you are reaching them an average of 10-12 times per month. Everytime they go to the store, you are there to greet them.
Custom Graphics
Don't have your own art department? No problem! At Kabango Media we have a full service art department to ensure your ad is high impact and highly effective. We will work hand in hand with you from day one and use our years of marketing experience to your advantage.