With only ONE billboard per store, this is the true definition of EXCLUSIVITY. You are not only the only business in your category, but the only business PERIOD! 


Our Retail Billboard program allows you the opportunity to distribute business cards, postcards or tri-fold brochures on you board, or even by renting a pocket on the rack with your  board.


grocery marketing 101

There are the basics that must be covered in effective grocery store marketing. Our Retail Billboards check all the boxes. With the ability to distribute materials, the Retail Billboard stands out among other products.


The average shopper goes to the grocery store 2-3 times per week. That gives you the chance to be seen at least 8-12 times per month, every month.


We know a grocery store pulls for a 3-5 mile radius around them. Using this you can target specific neighborhoods, populations or income demographics.


Your ad does you no good if it isn’t highly visible. We do everything to make sure your ad stands out and is in a high visibility area in the store.